Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Future of Mobile SEO

The future of mobile SEO greatly relies on manufacturers of mobile phones and computers. As long as these companies design and produce smartphones and tablets, mobile SEO’s future is secure.
2011 starts the decade of the mobile Web, and this fad is yet to fully boom. As long as technology and Web giants such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo! exist, there’s no end in sight for mobile SEO.

Additional mobile SEO reminders:

• Submit your site to major mobile search engines for quicker crawling and indexing.
• Put relevant keywords in the title tag, headers, body text, and anchor text, and make sure you integrate these keywords into your website’s content.
• Promote your mobile website in social media sites.
• Check how your site looks on different smartphones and tablets, and be open to revisions and improvements for your mobile site.

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